Johns HOpkins UK

We represent the interests of all Johns Hopkins alumni living in the United Kingdom. Our primary focus is to foster a strong lifelong community through shared academic curiosities and social interests.

Our team hosts lectures and dinners featuring JHU academics, relaxed social events to meet fellow alumni, and a calendar of arts and cultural events to explore together.

We hope by joining us you will enjoy yourself at each of our events, find an intellectually curious environment, deepen your ties to our alma mater, and make lifelong friends.



Students and alumni of any Johns Hopkins department or institution - along with their family and friends - are welcome to attend our events across the calendar year. You are already lifelong members of our community!






Arjune Shukla

Co-President, BA '12, MS '13



Co-President, MA ‘17

Adam Shutie

Treasurer, MA ‘15 

Catherine Harbour

Board Member, PhD '09


Anne Roca

Board Member, MPH '01

Jerome Ingenhoff

Board Member, MA ‘12

Toni Timoner

Board Member, MA ‘11


All officers selected by election at the most recent General Meeting.